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Adam Araujo Google 5 Star Review of Holland Aquatics.

Thank you Adam!

My wife and I had met with several different builders when we set out to design our pool and new patio. Most of the proposals we got back, if we got them back at all, were rushed and didn't take all of our design requests and ideas into account in the final designs. That is until we met with Brett from Holland Aquatics.

Brett came to our home and sat with my wife and I to get to know who we are and what we wanted to accomplish with our outdoor space today and in the future. He walked through details like using drain covers that would be covered with the WetEdge finish so the drains match the rest of the floor, and circular deck drains and skimmer cover with inlays that would use our travertine so they blend into the patio instead of those white plastic channel drains that make me feel like I’m at a public pool. My wife and I knew that we were going to move forward with Holland Aquatics the moment he walked out door. The thing that differentiated Brett from anyone else we met with, was his attention to every detail and they absolutely exceeded our expectations.

We made the decision to start this project in Jan 20201, the middle of CoVID that crippled the global supply chain. Brett was in constant contact with us on material delivery dates, when crews would be onsite and dealing with all the issues that pop up on a project this large and with some many interdependencies.

We ran into challenges and delays along the way, like every construction project does, but the most important is how you communicate and address those challenges. Brett took on every challenges personally and was in constant communication with me. Brett always picked up the phone or knocked on my front door to address any issues or delay.

Early on in the project glass tiles were installed on the interior perimeter of the pool shell. We had selected a pattern that had some transparent tiles mixed in with white and blue ones. After all the tile was set in place, Brett came out to inspect the job, as he did with every sub-contractor throughout the process, he noticed that the trowel marks in the thinset were visible on all the clear tiles. My wife and I did not notice it until he pointed it out. He called that crew back out and had them rip all the tile out and redo the work because it was not right, not because we complained about it. The crew came back out and it happened again, you could still see some of the trowel lines. So not only did the tile get ripped out a second time, but Brett called the manufacturer of the thinset to come onsite for the 3rd install to make sure the tile team was applying it correctly and they did.

Seeing that level of attention to detail so early on in the project and how Brett addressed it head on gave us a tremendous sense of confidence. We knew that any other problems that came up would be handled with the same exacting standards and they were. BTW, I didn’t see a single change order or was asked to contribute to pay for the additional material or labor. We had a few other situations come up over the project, nothing on the scale of the tile, that were all handled the same way, up-front communication and superior build quality.

We wrapped up the entire project in just over 12 months, again in the middle of CoVID, and could not be happier with the results. The pool and patio came out amazing and we get tons of compliments on our custom fire feature that just pulls the who project together. I highly recommend Brett and the team at Holland Aquatics for your pool project. ~ Adam Araujo


WU Badge of Brett Holland Luxury Pools, Spas and Waterscape Specialist
WU Badge of Brett Holland Luxury Pools, Spas and Waterscape Specialist
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